One Fall

one fall coverWith one kick, Joey Hamilton has sent the world of professional wrestling into chaos.  In his first World Title match, on national television, Joey botched a simple maneuver, turning a scripted wrestling match into a nightmarish reality.

Now the World Champion is injured and the locker room is in tatters.  With the top spot open, veterans are jockeying for position, hoping to become the next megastar, and Joey is their target.

One Fall is the oddball in my backlist. It’s the only novel I’ve published that is set entirely in the real world with no monsters whatsoever. What can I say? I had this idea about a story that exploits the way pro wrestling toes the line between reality and fantasy, and I wrote the book.

My audience for One Fall is different than for the rest of my books, but just as special to me. More so than any other novel, it’s fans of this one that I hear from on email and Twitter. I wrote this book with pure admiration for the way the wrestling industry ignited my imagination as a kid, and gave an outlet to the fighting spirit that’s present in so many boys but quelled by polite society.

This novel led me to a fun and incredibly pleasant encounter once with Glenn Jacobs (WWE’s Kane, who, it turns out, is a bookish intellectual) and a memorable phone call out of the blue one afternoon from wrestling superstar Kurt Angle.

It also led to some guest appearances on popular wrestling web sites back in the day. A piece I wrote for wrestling site 411mania about the way pro wrestling helped me get through the day my dad died might be the most widely read work I’ve ever written.

I sold the movie rights to One Fall to a producer at Viacom many years ago, and though nothing’s come of that yet, he and I both still aspire to bring this one to life on the big screen someday. When I wrote the book, it was about the current world of wrestling, but now it reads like a nostalgia piece for the golden era of the Monday Night Wars which, in a way, makes it even better.


Praise For One Fall

“…a roller coaster ride you’ll find exciting to the very end.”
(Associated Content)
“…a truly gripping page turner…
I literally could not put this book down once I
picked it up…a top-tier suspense novel.”
(Stephen Randle,
“…wrestling fans will have a blast guessing along
with the swerves and trying to figure out who everyone
is based on, and non-fans will enjoy a good story...Highly recommended.”
(Scott Keith,

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